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Does It Matter Which Carpet Cleaning Method I Use?

Does It Matter Which Carpet Cleaning Method I Use?

Carpet Cleaning Misconception #1 – It doesn’t matter which method of cleaning is used.

Wrong. The method of carpet cleaning used has a great deal to do with how clean your carpet gets (how much dirt and residue is pulled out), how healthy for your family your carpet is and how long your carpet ultimately lasts.

There are basically two methods used to clean carpet. One is the dry cleaning method which consists of the use of dry powders or foams. This method’s biggest benefit (your carpet never gets wet so it doesn’t need time to dry) is also its biggest drawback. This method tends to leave quite a lot of dirt and other pollutants behind because your carpet is not rinsed in any way. It would be a lot like washing your dishes with a dry chemical powder and then “rinsing” them by vacuuming them. The best, most effective way of cleaning carpets is method number 2: hot water extraction – which we often refer to as steam cleaning.

The world’s largest manufacturer of carpeting, Shaw Industries, recommends the hot water extraction (or steam cleaning) method as the preferred method of carpet cleaning. In this method high pressure is used to force a hot water cleaning solution into your carpet. Then this solution is sucked back out effectively pulling dirt and pollutants from your carpet. The main reason this method works better is that the water is heated to a high temperature that easily breaks up the dirt, pollens, pollutants and bacteria in your carpet. The next step involves using high powered suction to draw or extract this grime from every part of your carpet. Hot water extraction performed by trained technicians with a truck mounted unit is like a deep cleaning and massage for your carpet.

Hot water extraction can be performed by a company using either a truck mounted extraction unit or a portable unit. A truck mounted unit is operated from a truck parked in your driveway with hoses running into your home. A portable unit is a small, self contained unit that is brought into your home. Shaw Industries recommends the truck mounted method because of the ability of the unit to reach higher water temperatures and its greater suction power for removing dirt and pollutants. The portable unit should only be used in situations where a truck mounted unit cannot be used.

At Josh A. Baker Carpet Cleaning we use truck mounted extraction, except in the rare instances when only a portable unit can be used.


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