Upholstery Cleaning

Protect the health of your family while protecting your upholstery investment.

Why Steam Clean Upholstery?

We get asked that question very often and the answer is pretty straightforward: Steam cleaning upholstery provides the type of deep cleaning that protects your family’s health while it protects your investment in the furniture itself.

The upholstered furniture in you home is probably something your family and pets use every day. Over time dirt, pollen, and pet dander will work its way in the fibers of the upholstery which can degrade its appearance while providing an environment for germs to grow.

Steam Cleaning

  • Is safe and effectively for your upholstered furniture
  • Removes dirt, stains, and germs
  • Help ensure the long life of your investment
  • Our extraction system results in fast dry times

Upholstery Cleaning Prices

Type of Upholstery
Scotchgard Protection
3 Seat Sofa
Love Seat
Sectional Sofa
Onsite Quote
Onsite Quote
Bar Stools and Dining Chairs
$25 per side
$20.00 per side
Oversized Recliners
All pricing includes: Vacuuming, Pre-treatment, Scrubbing, Steam Cleaning, Deodorizer, & Sanitizer


Download the Consumers Guide to Carpet Cleaning

Download Consumer's Guide to Carpet Cleaning

Find out what you need to know to keep your family's home healthy and avoid unethical cleaners and common rip-offs!

We will be posting this content on our blog over the next few weeks and months, but if you don’t want to wait, you can grab the seven page guide now.